Former Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick On The Democratic Convention
Sen. Kamala Harris is expected to formally accept the nomination for vice president Wednesday night, as other top-name Democrats like former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren also take the virtual stage. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who is co-chair of American Bridge, one of the larger PACs supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and the founder and chairman of TogetherFUND PAC.

Federal Funds Fail To Reach Many Black- and Latino-Owned Businesses
The coronavirus has now claimed more than 172,000 lives in the United States, and the pandemic has upended the lives of millions more, with widespread economic pain and job losses nationwide. And as Kavontae Smalls reports, while some businesses got financial help from the federal government, others — particularly minority-owned businesses — were all but shut out.

Political Strategist Wilnelia Rivera: ‘The Democratic Party Has A Tepid Commitment Toward The Progressive Wing Of The Party’
Two local political strategists argue in a new essay that despite the notable challenges to organizing voter turnout in the midst of COVID-19, the pandemic also presents a different kind of opportunity for building a progressive coalition. The essay, ‘Rebuilding After COVID-19: Equality, Equity, And A Strong Social Safety Net,’ is part of a new anthology called ‘Turnout! Mobilizing Voters In An Emergency.’ To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Wilnelia Rivera, founder of Rivera Consulting and former chief strategist for Rep. Ayanna Pressley's campaign.