Sen. Kamala Harris, named Tuesday as Joe Biden's running mate, will be the first woman of color and the fourth woman to appear on a major-party presidential ticket.

Shannon O'Brien, former state treasurer and Democratic nominee for governor, and Michael Curry, a member of the NAACP board of directors, joined Boston Public Radio Wednesday to discuss the pick, and what comes next for Harris.

O'Brien, the first woman nominated by a major party for governor in Massachusetts, noted Harris brings a "tremendous amount of strength to the ticket."

O'Brien highlighted Harris' appearances during Senate hearings, where her prosecutorial experience shone. But, she said no matter how much strength Harris brings to the ticket, she will face misgoyny during the campaign.

"That's the stock and trade of this president," she said.

Harris — who took sharp jabs at Biden during the primary for his stance on busing — has the opportunity to re-introduce herself to voters as a "collaborator," said O'Brien.

"I think that'll be very important for her to reintroduce herself to the country as part of this ticket," she said.

Curry highlighted the historic significance of Harris as a Black woman.

"She brings something to this campaign that I think is necessary, she brings toughness, a sharpenss of message," he said. "I share with her — both of us being children of the 60s — we were both on those buses. I think her Gen X message is going to be critical. She'll connect to voters like me and many others who were born in that time and are looking for change particularly around racial justice issues."

Michael Curry is deputy CEO and general counsel of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers and a member of the National NAACP Board of Directors as well as the chair of the board’s Advocacy and Policy Committee.

Shannon O'Brien is former Massachusetts State Treasurer and Democratic nominee for Governor.