CEO Group Forms Employer Pledge Aimed At Increasing Voter Turnout
A group of CEOs has formed a coalition called A Day For Democracy, which includes a pledge by the participating employers to give their employees time off to vote — or to at least help them get registered. The non-partisan group, organized by Peter Palandjian of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation, includes CEOs of local employers like Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts and The Boston Globe, as well as companies headed by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Steven Spielberg. The goal is to increase civic participation, which is generally low in the United States.

To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Palandjian and Linda Pizzuti Henry, managing director of The Boston Globe.

Decolonizing The U.S. School Curriculum
Among the many things the pandemic has exposed have been the deep social and racial inequities that run through the United States. Add to that the recent high-profile killings of Black Americans by police officers or vigilantes, and the calls to address systemic racism have grown louder. So what better place to learn those lessons than in school? Cristina Quinn reports.

New YouTube Series Takes On The Difficulties Of Parenting, With A Dash Of Humor
Raising kids is hard enough under normal circumstances, and these days, life is anything but normal. If you feel like you're suddenly questioning everything about your parenting, a new YouTube series from NOVA and PBS is here to help. The show is called Parentalogic. To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by the two hosts: comedian and mom of two Bethany Van Delft, and pediatrician and journalist Dr. Alok Patel.