Today on Boston Public Radio:

– Former Pentagon official and Georgetown University professor Rosa Brooks talked about the Transition Integrity Project, her exercise examining various potential outcomes of the November election.

– We opened the lines to ask listeners: Are you anxious about the prospect of election interference and voter suppression in November?

– Media maven Sue O’Connell discussed the potential conflict of interest surrounding a trial of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and her concerns for underprivileged kids who might be unable to return to school in the fall.

Under the Radar host Callie Crossley talked about lax mask enforcement policies at retail chains like Walmart and gave her thoughts on Michelle Obama’s new podcast.

– Tech writer Andy Ihnatko discussed Wednesday's congressional testimony from several tech CEOs, and research showing that many election officials are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

– Brian O’Donovan, host of WGBH’s “A Celtic Sojourn,” talked about the music venues that Boston is losing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

– We opened the lines to listeners to continue the conversation about Boston's performance spaces.