The Red Sox Will Return To Fenway This Friday To Play To Empty Stands
The first official game of the season for the Red Sox will be held on Friday against the Baltimore Orioles, but with one glaring difference — empty stands — as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy has said he hopes fans will be able to return later this fall, although the future is still up in the air. Kennedy joined Jim Braude to discuss.

What Will It Take To Create Equity In The Massachusetts Pot Industry?
The law legalizing recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts was supposed to prioritize licensing and other assistance for shops in communities that were hit the hardest by the war on drugs, but almost four years later, that promise has not panned out. Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commissioner Shaleen Title joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Why Go To The Office? Few Want To — Some Need To
As some offices in the area begin to slowly bring workers back inside their buildings, reporter Liz Neisloss checks in on how the return is goinng — and the changes offices are making along the way.