Today on Boston Public Radio:

– CNN analyst and national security expert Juliette Kayyem discussed the Supreme Court’s ruling on DACA, and why she thinks Trump’s Tulsa rally could get cancelled.

– Media maven Sue O’Connell discussed the Supreme Court’s ruling on LGBT discrimination in the workplace, and commemorated the passing of Jean Kennedy Smith.

Beat the Press host Emily Rooney discussed Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s public withdrawal from former Vice President Joe Biden’s VP pool, and defended her disdain for monuments and memorials.

– We aired live audio from Gov. Charlie Baker’s Friday press conference.

– We opened lines to hear your thoughts on Baker’s announcement that Massachusetts will move into the next phase of reopening on Monday.

Under the Radar host Callie Crossley talked about the legacy of Juneteenth, and discussed new accusations that the Atlanta police officer who killed Rayshard Brooks covered up a 2015 killing of Jackie Harris.