President Trump is visiting one of his golf courses this weekend, his first apparent golf outing since declaring a state of emergency because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday, the president visited the Trump National Golf Club located just outside Washington, D.C., in Northern Virginia. His last visit to a course was on March 8 to his West Palm Beach club in Florida, days before he declared a national emergency.

While many presidents have notably professed an affinity for golf, the game has taken on a certain significance for Trump and his presidency particularly his time spent at the many private clubs he owns including his West Palm Beach property ⁠— which he has dubbed "White House South" — and his Bedminster, N.J., course.

Since Trump secured the nomination in 2016, his private resorts have also served as a favored location for GOP fundraising efforts and political events, with millions of dollars spent at the president's properties.

He had even planned to hold this year's Group of Seven at his Doral resort in Miami. That announcement drew rebukes from Democrats who accused the president of once again attempting to personally profit from his position.

The meeting was eventually moved to Camp David but will now be a videoconference amid the pandemic.

Before assuming office, Trump had criticized President Barack Obama for his time spent on the course and now some people have estimated that Trump is on pace to becoming one of the more prolific golfers of the modern presidency.

Trump's outing comes as he continues to encourage states to reopen.

On Friday, the president said states needed to allow houses of worship, which he called "very important" and "essential," to reopen for the weekend. He threatened to override governors who didn't heed his call.

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