Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael were charged with murder on Thursday in connection with the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia. The shooting occurred on Feb. 23, but a video of the shooting became public earlier this week, which has led to nationwide outrage. Friday would have been Arbery's 26th birthday.

Callie Crossley, host of WGBH News’ Under The Radar, spoke to Boston Public Radio on Friday about Arbery's death.

"[Arbery] was, by all accounts, on a jog. It should be mentioned [he was] in his neighborhood. He lived like a street over," she said. "These two white guys in a truck followed him, and said that he looked like a suspect, one of them got out, ended up in a tussle, because [both McMichaels] were armed, [Arbery] was not, and the end of it was that. Travis McMichael shot and killed [Arbery.]"

The video of this incident has just surfaced, even though the alleged murder happened in February, Crossley noted. "The video was given by someone who I guess knows both of the McMichaels and said, in the interest of transparency, wanted to make sure this got forward," she said. "It looks just like a coldblood murder."