Amid Shortage Of PPE, A Baystate Health Executive Goes To 'Extraordinary Lengths' To Get Gear For Hospitals
The federal government is closely watching the spread of coronavirus in Massachusetts, according to White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Deborah Birx, who said during a television appearance this weekend that the White House is “very much focused on Boston.”

The statement raised questions about why the federal government has not provided more PPE to frontline healthcare workers in Massachusetts, and sometimes delayed the procurement of such equipment by state officials and local doctors. One Massachusetts practitioner who has had to take unusual steps to secure needed equipment is Dr. Andrew Artenstein, chief physician executive of Baystate Health in Springfield. He recently wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine about the plan that he and his colleagues enacted to obtain protective gear for their hospital. Dr. Artenstein joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Boston Marathon Route Falls Silent This Patriots’ Day In Wake Of COVID-19
The Boston Marathon was canceled this year due to the spread of COVID-19, leaving many locals mourning a rite of spring.

Jim Braude joined Boston Marathon Director Dave McGillivray, who would have been running his 48th Boston Marathon Monday, and former Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans, who would have run his 22nd.

Local Graphic Designer’s COVID-19 Picture Book Helps Kids Understand Pandemic
The steady stream of shutdowns and closures over the past month have been difficult for many, but for children they can be especially confusing. Many young people might have a hard time understanding what exactly the virus is and why they can't go to school, visit their friends or even give their grandparents a hug.

To help answer their questions, local designer Nicole Rim wrote and illustrated a children's book with easy-to-understand explanations about the pandemic and ways to stay safe. She joined Jim Braude to discuss.