Today on Boston Public Radio:

— Seed Global Health CEO Dr. Vanessa Kerry discussed the surge of COVID-19 patients in Massachusetts, the role of The WHO in fighting the global pandemic and took questions from callers.

— We opened our lines to talk with callers about how you’re handling coronavirus anxiety.

WGBH News analyst and GroundTruth Project CEO Charlie Sennott discussed the positive strides being taken by female world leaders in the fight against COVID-19, as well as the dangerous opportunities presented by the pandemic for authoritarians.

– Science reporter and FRONTLINE correspondent Miles O’Brien discussed his upcoming FRONTLINE documentary, "Coronavirus Pandemic," on the U.S. COVID crisis response.

– TV expert Bob Thompson reviewed Saturday's “One World: Together At Home” concert, and Netflix’s new show “BlackAF.”

– We opened our lines to ask callers: if coronavirus acceptance was ranked like the stages of grief, which stage would you be at?

– Poet Richard Blanco celebrated National Poetry Month by reading some “ars poetica” pieces, or poems about poetry.