Rep. Jon Santiago Says Data Shows Coronavirus Is Hitting Black And Latino Communities Harder
Data released by the City of Boston last week showed that in the number of cases in Boston where race was identified, 40 percent were black. Black residents only make up 25 percent of the city’s population. The Massachusetts Department of Health released similar numbers last week, showing that black and Latinos made up 37 percent of the cases in the state where race was identified. Massachusetts state representative Jon Santiago, who also works as an emergency room physician at Boston Medical Center, joined Emily Rooney to discuss.

No Goodbyes, No Ceremonies And No Getting Out Of The Car: Mourning In The Time Of Coronavirus
As Massachusetts enters the surge of its coronavirus outbreak, with a death toll of more than 1,200, the families of those who died are left to navigate a very different grieving process in the time of social distancing. Journalist Colman Herman is one of those people who didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

He joined Emily Rooney to share about the loss of his sister-in-law to COVID-19 and the wrenching process of grieving from afar.

Renowned Chef Lidia Bastianich Shares Quarantine Cooking Tips & Tricks
In emotionally distressing times, a home-cooked meal often provides comfort when needed most. But as most people limit their grocery store trips as a result of the coronavirus, fresh ingredients may be more difficult to come by. That's why renowned chef and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich has been posting simple meals she's calling, #PantryRecipes on Instagram. All the dishes are made up of just a handful of ingredients most people might already have on the shelf, such as rice and pasta. She joined Emily Rooney to discuss.