Trying To Predict The COVID-19 Death Toll
Although predictions for the national death toll from coronavirus have been adjusted downward in recent days, experts are warning the public that it’s hard to know exactly how deadly the pandemic will be, and that social distancing measures are still needed to try and mitigate the threat.

Closer to home, the numbers for Massachusetts have been adjusted upwards in recent days, with more than 5,500 total deaths in the state expected by late May. Emily Rooney spoke about the projections Sandro Galea, Dean of Boston University’s School of Public Health and co-author of the forthcoming book, ‘Pained: Uncomfortable Conversations About The Public’s Health.’

Schools Face A Steep Learning Curve Adapting To Distance Learning
School districts have doled out devices to students in need during the coronavirus pandemic, but technology alone can’t replace the experience of going to school. Keeping up with the curriculum is no longer a priority — or even possible — for most teachers. Stephanie Leydon reports from the Revere and Acton-Boxborough school districts.

Mass. Education Commissioner On The State's Guidance For Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic
The spread of coronavirus led to sudden closures of schools in Massachusetts, first just in pockets, and later state-wide on Governor Charlie Baker’s order. The quick switch forced schools to figure out on-the-fly how to ensure access to education for all students, taking into account different levels of online access and varying learning needs. Emily Rooney discussed the guidelines with Massachusetts Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley.

Sports Agent Stephen Freyer On the Feasibility of Major League Baseball Getting The 2020 Season Underway By Summer
With professional sports on hold due to coronavirus, some are looking for creative ways to return. Major League Baseball has been tossing around the idea of moving the entire league to Arizona. Of course, there would be rules — everyone would have to be screened for COVID-19 and then sequestered in hotels and only allowed to travel to-and-from nearby stadiums, which would be otherwise empty. Emily Rooney spoke about the potential complications of such a move with sports agent Stephen Freyer.