Today on Boston Public Radio:

— We opened our lines to talk with listeners about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and who you trust to provide accurate information during confusing times.

— Writer and physician Dr. David Katz talked about his recent "New York Times" piece calling for a "surgical strike” approach to limiting fallout from COVID-19.

WGBH News Analyst and GroundTruth Project CEO Charlie Sennott discussed how countries around the world are handling the novel coronavirus, and the importance of maintaining strong local journalism.

— "Washington Post" columnist E.J. Dionne discussed his latest book “Code Red: How Progressives and Moderates Can Unite to Save Our Country.”

— We opened our lines to talk with callers about coronavirus.

— We aired live audio from Gov. Charlie Baker’s Monday press conference.

— Sen. Elizabeth Warren called in to discuss Congress’ newly passed stimulus package, and assessed Trump Administration's COVID-19 response.