Tufts University President Anthony Monaco On Preparing to House COVID-19 Patients
As public health experts warn about the impending exponential increase of coronavirus cases requiring hospitalization, some colleges and universities around the country are starting to plan for how they might support medical care efforts through the use of their facilities, expertise, and resources. One such school is Tufts University. President Anthony Monaco joined Jim Braude via Zoom to talk about why he decided to put the university’s resources to the task.

BPS Superintendent Brenda Cassellius On The Roll-Out Of Remote Learning In The Midst Of Coronavirus
Boston Public Schools are now in their second week of its shut-down in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The situation has forced the system to figure out in short order how to continue serving a wide range of students — including those with Individualized Education Plans, and those who rely on free or reduced-price lunch through the system — all while transitioning to online learning. A report on Tuesday highlighted in particular the fact that some low-income students still do not have their school-issued laptops in hand to connect with their teachers. Jim Braude joined Boston Public Schools Superintendent Brenda Cassellius to talk about their efforts.

How Coronavirus Impacts The Restaurant Supply Chain
Many are aware of the effects that the novel coronavirus pandemic has had on bars and restaurants, but the impact goes far beyond the servers, chefs, and staff, and the establishments struggling to break even through delivery service. As Stephanie Leydon reports, the shutdowns and decrease in sales are also impacting farmers, fishermen, and wholesalers further up the supply chain.

Acts Of Kindness In A Time Of Darkness
In the midst of the real dangers of the coronavirus pandemic, it can be important to remember acts of neighborly kindness, all taken within the parameters of social distancing. Jim Braude highlights a few.