Today on Boston Public Radio:

"Washington Post" reporter Annie Linskey reflected on the end of Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.

— We opened our lines to continue the conversation about Elizabeth Warren’s election bid.

— Former Suffolk County Sheriff and Secretary of Public Safety Andrea Cabral discussed ICE agents on Peter Pan buses and Chief Justice John Roberts’ rebuke of statements by Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Heather Goldstone, Chief Communications officer at the Woods Hole Research Center, discussed Jeff Bezos’ climate change pledge, and the role climate change has played in this winter's unusually warm weather.

"Boston Globe" columnist Shirley Leung talked about the impact of coronavirus on Boston’s economy, and the passing of business executive Jack Welch.

– Director James Jacoby discussed his latest "Frontline" documentary, "Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos."

– Alex Beam talked about Harvey Weinstein’s prison consultant, and the passing of architect Henry Cobb.

– We re-opened lines to ask callers: do you feel guilty enjoying the warm weather brought by climate change?