CDC Official Tells Americans To Prepare For Potential Coronavirus Spread
Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday said that Americans should prepare for the likely spread of coronavirus, marking a more serious tone than President Trump’s statements about the issue earlier in the day.

How concerned should Americans be? And what steps should individuals, institutions, and communities take to prevent infection and illness? Dr. Erica Shenoy, associate chief of the Infection Control Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, Rep. Jon Santiago, who doubles as an emergency room physician at Boston Medical Center, and Shirley Leung, columnist at "The Boston Globe," joined Jim Braude Tuesday on Greater Boston to discuss.

Where Do The 2020 Democrats Stand On Immigration?
WGBH News political reporter Adam Reilly gives a quick overview of where the top candidates in the Democratic field stand on immigration.

Boston Says Goodbye To WAAF, Marking The End Of An Era
Boston rock station WAAF was sold recenlty to a contemporary Christian music station, bringing an end to a beloved cultural touchstone that fans tuned in to for fifty years.

Former WAAF host Mistress Carrie spoke with Jim Braude Tuesday on Greater Boston to talk about what the station meant for its listeners.

IMHO: Selling Kids On Sugar
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on steps companies should be taking to help kids curb an unhealthy habit.