WGBH News Analyst Charlie Sennott joined Boston Public Radio on Thursday to discuss the lack of foreign policy talk during Wednesday night's Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.

"It's distressing when we have unbelievable events unfolding in Afghanistan right now with a possible peace deal — no discussion of it," he said. "What's going to happen with Iraq? No discussion of it. What's happening with North Korea and what's going on with the Iran deal?"

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has a lot to add in terms of foreign policy experience, but stayed quiet, Sennott said.

"It's distressing because you have one candidate who, I think, shines above the others on foreign policy and that's Joe Biden," he said. "It's as if he's vanished, and it's sad to see all the fighting, all the divisions ... and missing that substance of Joe Biden and the reason everyone originally thought he was the guy to beat Trump."

Charlie Sennott is a WGBH News Analyst and executive director ofThe GroundTruth Project.