In 2016, President Trump tapped Lowell, Massachusetts native Corey Lewandowski to lead his campaign for president. And on the afternoon of the 2020 New Hampshire primaries, Jim and Margery tapped Lewandowski to discuss his views on the hypocrisy of liberals, Washington partisanship, and the factors that held President Trump back during his first term in office.

"Republicans failed this president for the first two years,” Lewandowski said. "They had a Republican majority in the House and the Senate and the administration for the first time in a dozen years, and they couldn’t deliver.”

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Lewandowski was particularly critical about the failures of Washington to deliver infrastructure funding.

"I think that we haven’t delivered on a transportation infrastructure spending bill… we need to do better, and by the way — that’s not a partisan issue because Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gellibrand want money for the state of New York as much as Lindsey Graham wants for the state of South Carolina.”

The former campaign manager credited the failure of Congress during the first half of Trump’s term as the reason Republicans lost the House in the 2018 mid-terms.

"The American people spoke loud and clear: 'Republicans, you failed us, you’re out of the majority.' And that’s the right thing."

He continued, saying that with the 2018 in the past, it's ultimately up to American voters to once again judge the president's ability to execute on his agenda.

“In November, the American people have the right, and this is how our system works, to go and say ‘Hey Donald Trump– you made these promises. ... Here’s the ones you kept and here’s the ones you didn’t. So, either we’re going to vote you back in, or we’re gonna remove you.' And that’s what this Democracy is all about."