Rogers Johnson, president of Seacoast NAACP, James McKim, president of Manchester NAACP branch, and Sarah Jane Knoy, executive director of Granite State Organizing Project, joined Boston Public Radio in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Monday. The three spoke about why the state deserves to host the first primary election in the country.

"Find me a state that is representative of the rest of the country," McKim said. "If you find me that state, then perhaps that state should be the first in the nation primary, but until then, why not New Hampshire?"

Johnson echoed McKim's sentiments and argued that New Hampshire voters ask the questions that need to be asked directly to candidates.

"Can you point to a state that would do the vetting that actually takes place in New Hampshire?" Johnson asked. "The questions that the good and decent people of New Hampshire ask candidates are so in depth, that you're not going to get this from any other state in the union."