On Tuesday, CNN’s Chief National Correspondent and "Inside Politics” anchor John King phoned in to Boston Public Radio to comment on President Trump’s positioning as he heads into the more consequential months of his re-election campaign.

"If you look at the numbers right now and you look at an electoral map… this president is as strong as he has ever been,” King said. "I know a lot of Democrats [will] recoil at that, and it might be surprising to a lot of people out of this impeachment debate. [But] you can look at an electoral map, and there’re several viable paths to get him re-elected. You look at the new Gallop Poll out– his approval rating as president is at the highest point of his presidency. He’s heading into these early months of the re-election cycle in… [a] considerably stronger position than he was in just three or four months ago.”

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When asked whether impeachment played a role in bumping the president’s national approval ratings, King said it was “some of it."

"Even in the national polls, you see [that] independents are skeptical about impeachment. That doesn’t mean they love what the president did– they’re with [Senator] Lamar Alexander, if you will. It was inappropriate, it was wrong. But do we need the death penalty in American politics, especially in an election year, to remove the president?”