Debating The Media’s Coverage Of Kobe Bryant’s Death: Following the sudden death of basketball star Kobe Bryant, media outlets wrestled with how to raise the credible rape accusation brought against him.

Sec. Pompeo Attacks An NPR Host’s Credibility: Sec. Mike Pompeo accused NPR journalist Mary Louise Kelly of lying about the topics that were approved for their sit-down interview, but emails between Kelly and Pompeo’s aide backed up her version of events.

Has The Media Covered Coronavirus In A Responsible Way? The outbreak of coronavirus in China has led to widespread coverage of what the World Health Organization calls a global emergency, but some question whether the media has been overly alarmist.

Rants & Raves: 01/31/20: The panel reviews this week in media.

On this week’s edition of Beat The Press, Emily Rooney was joined by Adam Reilly of WGBH News; former NECN anchor Mike Nikitas; Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University; and Callie Crossley of WGBH News.