Is American Democracy Broken?
President Trump’s impeachment trial will come to a swift end this week following the Republican-led Senate’s decision to forgo additional witnesses and evidence despite new, pointed allegations from former adviser John Bolton about the President’s actions regarding Ukraine.

On the Democratic side, the primary continues apace with the Iowa caucuses, a tradition that some have said is not truly democratic due to its unique rules and format, as well as the primarily white population of Iowa and does not mirror a diversifying America. To discuss all this and more,

Retired federal judge Nancy Gertner, now a professor at Harvard Law School; and Nadeem Mazen, former Cambridge city councilor and founder of, a new social networking platform focusing on protecting user data, joined Jim Braude Monday on Greater Boston to discuss this and more.

Iranian Student Denied Entry At Logan Alleges Illegal Behavior By Border Agents
Customs officials recently denied Northeastern University student Mohammad Shahab Dehghani Hossein Abadi entry into the United States when he landed at Logan airport — despite having a valid student visa — and was sent back on a plane to France despite a judge placing a 48-hour delay on his removal.

Abadi has raised troubling allegations about how Customs and Border Protection agents in Boston treated him throughout the questioning period, including providing false information to his counsel. Local immigration attorneys and colleges said his case fits within a growing pattern of Iranian students being denied entry at U.S. airports.

Abadi’s attorneys, Susan Church, Kerry Doyle, and Heather Yountz, joined Jim Braude Monday on Greater Boston to talk about his case.

A Growing Income Divide In Massachusetts’ MetroWest
A recent study showed that the divide between wealthy and poor residents in the state's MetroWest area is only getting wider. As Stephanie Leydon reports, the numbers have led to increased worries that the split could affect the booming job market.

IMHO: Let’s Hear It For Superbowl Saturday
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why we should move the biggest football game of the year to Saturday.