District Attorney Rachael Rollins On SJC Siding With Her Handling Of Immigrant Case
The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled Tuesday in favor of Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, saying she had not misstepped in her move to dismiss a 2011 theft charge against a Boston man who, due to the years-old crime, could have been deported to his birthplace, Somalia. District Attorney Rachael Rollins joined Jim Braude to discuss the case and her pattern of challenges to justice as usual in Boston.

Former Babson College Employee On Being Fired For A Facebook Post
After local Babson College employee Asheen Phansey posted a satirical joke on his personal Facebook page in response to a tweet from President Trump about bombing Iran, the post was published by the website "Turtle Boy Sports" and then picked up from there by outlets in Boston and beyond. In response, Babson College fired Phansey, prompting criticism from free speech advocates. Asheen Phansey joined Jim Braude to talk about the experience.

Lawrence’s ‘Uncommon Threads’ Is On A Mission Beyond Clothes
Second-hand shops are a favorite for many, offering designer goods at a fraction of the original cost. But as Liz Neisloss reports, some shops, like one in Lawrence, are going far beyond fashion.

IMHO: The Cost Of Climate Change
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how Sec. Steven Mnuchin’s feigned ignorance about climate change is costing all of us.