Officials are investigating an incident from the Army-Navy football game on Saturday in Philadelphia, in which cadets in the stands made an upside down OK sign with their hands, meant to express white power, on live television. Anonymous users on the message board 4chan began using the OK symbol to signify white supremacy in 2017.Sports reporter Trenni Kusnierek joined Boston Public Radio on Tuesday to talk about this incident.

"All of a sudden [on TV]... you see someone doing the upside down OK symbol, which is now known and registered by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate symbol," Kusnierek said. "The upside down, two fingers together, three down, actually looks like the 'W' and the 'P' for white power."

The young men flashing the symbol were in uniform, noted Kusnierek. "To me, it's an investigation that shouldn't take much time and they should be immediately expelled and dishonorably discharged."