Has The GOP Been Forever Changed By Trump?
President Donald Trump has at least an 85 percent approval rating among Republicans, depending on the poll, and those who support Trump show no sign of changing their minds, despite the ongoing impeachment inquiry. Has the GOP been forever changed by Trump's presidency?

Jim Braude was joined by Todd Domke, a political analyst who left the GOP following Trump’s election, and Heather Cox Richardson, an historian from Boston College.

At 50 Years Old, ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ Enters A New Phase
Fifty years ago, shared frustration about the medical field’s lack of respect for women’s health concerns spawned a new book: "Our Bodies, Ourselves." It created a conversation that grew into a movement, encouraging women to take agency of their bodies and speak frankly about sexual, reproductive and gender-based health issues. Although the organization is no longer publishing updated editions of the book, it is embarking on a new phase: a partnership with Suffolk University that will keep updated women’s health information online on the platform, Our Bodies Ourselves Today.

Jim Braude was joined by Judy Norsigian, an original co-founder and executive director of Our Bodies, Ourselves, and Diana Namumbejja Abwoye, a board member of Our Bodies, Ourselves, who helped bring the book to women in Uganda.

Why Coastal Storms Are A Threat To Tourism
Tourism is a major economic driver in New England, from the Freedom Trail to coastal fishing communities. But as Stephanie Leydon reports, some local historic sites and the travel industry they fuel are increasingly in danger of being washed away by changing tides.

IMHO: Start Taxing Sugar
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why the numbers show America is in need of a different kind of “prescription” to curb our sugar fix.