Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • WGBH News Political Reporter Adam Reilly and Joanna Weiss of Experience Magazine joined us for a politics roundtable. They discussed the presidential campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Friday’s impeachment testimony from Marie Yovanovitch, and the method behind President Trump’s use of humor.
  • Charlie Sennott discussed Marie Yovanovitch’s Friday testimony, and the rise of populist nationalism around the globe. Sennott is a WGBH News Analyst and CEO of "The GroundTruth Project."
  • We opened lines to callers to ask: Is the Democratic primary moving too far to the left, like President Obama, has implied, or is big structural change the zeitgeist of the party?
  • Medical ethicist Art Caplan discussed a new rule by the Trump administration that aims to increase transparency between hospitals and insurance companies.
  • TV critic Bob Thompson discussed season three of Netflix's "The Crown,” and a disclaimer being shown for classic Disney films on Disney+ to denote what the company calls “outdated cultural references.”
  • Tech writer Andy Ihnatko discussed new rules for drone owners, an ongoing lawsuit between Google and software company Oracle, and the state of Black Friday culture in 2019.
  • Authors Tonya and Ben Mezrich spoke about their new children's book, “Charlie Numbers and the Wooly Mammoth."