Impeachment Proceeds With House Party-Line Vote Lining Up Public Hearings
The House of Representatives voted along party lines Thursday to proceed with the impeachment inquiry, passing a resolution that set the ground rules for its next phase. The resolution authorizes the release of transcripts from the closed-door testimonies that have happened in the House Intelligence Committee, lays out the circumstances under which Republicans can issue subpoenas, allows President Donald Trump legal representation, and paves the way for nationally televised hearings as the inquiry continues.

To discuss all this and more, Jim Braude was joined by former Rep. Michael Capuano, now a public affairs director for Foley & Lardner, LLP, and former Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Donald Stern, who worked alongside Special Counsel Robert Mueller both during his stint with the Department of Justice, and in private practice at the formerly-named Hale and Dorr.

After Years Of Silence, Sheila Bentley Is Ready To Talk About Her Marriage To Buddy Cianci
For decades, Sheila Bentley has stayed quiet about her previous marriage to infamous Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci, whose two stints in office were punctuated by an assault conviction, a corruption conviction, and prison time. Now, Bentley is ready to tell her side of the story.

Jim Braude was joined by Sheila Bentley, as well as Rebecca Gibel, who recently played Bentley in a Providence theatre production about the now-deceased mayor, and Boston Globe reporter Amanda Milkovits, who first got Bentley to tell her story on the record.

IMHO: Pay For Play In The NCAA?
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how to ensure equity in paying college athletes.