Amazon announced 15 new products at their hardware event last week, increasing the ubiquity of Alexa-enabled gadgets. Tech writer Andy Ihnatko joined Boston Public Radio on Friday to talk about the new product announcements and to explain why he thinks Google Assistant is superior to Amazon's Alexa.

"Amazon showed off some new gadgets that put Alexa everywhere, like an Alexa-microphone on your finger as a ring, in your eyeglasses so that you can tap your glasses to activate the microphone and an Alexa in your ear as earbuds," he said.

However Amazon seems to just be rolling out Alexa products with no real direction, Ihnatko said. "Amazon is not really doing these things with any amount of clarity or vision."

Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant, is Ihnatko's preferred choice.

"The Google Assistant is way ahead of everybody else because Google is really focusing on how humans interact with other humans," he said. "Google made a leap ahead by making Google Assistant more conversational, so that you don't have to think about how to format your spoken question."