The Politics Of Guns Enters 2020 Again After Another Mass Shooting
After a gunman killed seven people and injured 23 more in a brazen daytime drive-by shooting through two Texas towns on Saturday, some are wondering whether this latest mass shooting will impact the presidential race or not. The attack has highlighted President Donald Trump’s recent inconsistent statements on instating background checks for firearm purchases, as well as Sen. Mitch McConnell’s continued opposition to such a change.

Meanwhile, for 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, the primary race kicks into high gear, with the first face-off between Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden just a week away in the next debates.

Jim Braude was joined by Sue O’Connell, political commentator on NECN and co-publisher of Bay Windows; and Joe Malone, former Massachusetts state treasurer and Trump supporter.

Boston University Campus Reels, Searches For Answers Following Student’s Violent Death
Erin Edwards was a well-loved and promising student at Boston University who was supposed to return this fall for her junior year. But all who knew her were shocked when last month she and her brother were shot and killed, apparently by their own mother, who then took her own life. Police have not named a motive, but the investigation is ongoing.

Jim Braude was joined by Zoe Greenberg, who has been reporting on the story for The Boston Globe.

Teaching Blind Students How To Fence To Help Them Navigate The World
Like many competitive sports, fencing requires quick reflexes and physical grace — but it does not necessarily require the ability to see. Gabrielle Emmanuel shows us how learning to fence is helping some teenagers better navigate the world.

IMHO: Re-Learning Office Etiquette
Jim Braude shares this thoughts on the lessons we may have forgotten about being a good office-mate during the summer vacation months.