Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • We opened up the phone lines to hear listeners' reactions from Tuesday night's Democratic debates.
  • Boston Teachers Union President Jessica Tang discussed the school committee's approval of a new contract between the BTU and the school department.
  • Criminal justice analyst Andrea Cabral explained why a truck driver in New Hampshire — who was charged with multiple counts of negligent homicide after a crash that killed seven people — was allowed to retain his commercial driver's license despite having been previously arrested for drunk driving.
  • Harvard historian Nancy Koehn discussed this week's walkout by employees at the e-commerce company Wayfair to protest conditions at migrant detention centers.
  • Journalist Andy Ihnatko delved into the latest tech headlines.
  • We opened up the lines again to hear listeners' takes on whether public spaces like bars and gyms should be politics-free.
  • Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam discussed why Democrats seem to have an affinity for the socialism of Nordic nations.