Today on Boston Public Radio:

  • While campaigning in New Hampshire, former Vice President Joe Biden emphasized his plans to try to work with congressional Republicans if he wins the presidency in 2020. We opened up the lines and asked listeners: Is Biden being smart, and appealing to Republicans and independents who have tired of President Donald Trump? Or will he alienate progressive Democrats and younger voters?
  • Maine could soon be the seventh state in the nation to legalize assisted suicide. Medical ethicist Arthur Caplan discussed. Caplan is the Drs. William F. and Virginia Connolly Mitty Chair and director of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, and the co-host of the "Everyday Ethics" podcast.
  • In the aftermath of mass shootings, there is always talk about passing laws about background checks, high-capacity magazines, and improving policies and treatment for mental health. Is it time to add silencers to that list? National security expert Juliette Kayyem weighed in. Kayyem is an analyst for CNN and on the faculty of Harvard's Kennedy School.
  • A new FRONTLINE documentary takes a look at how law enforcement is changing its approach to sex trafficking. We spoke to filmmaker Lauren Mucciolo.
  • Federal prosecutors are investigating the Massachusetts prison system thanks to reports from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting. Reporter Jenifer McKim joined us.
  • WGBH's executive arts editor Jared Bowen reviewed the new Elton John biopic "Rocketman" and other new movies, plays, and cultural events around town.
  • We opened up the lines and asked listeners about Trump's trip the United Kingdom.