The Boston Media’s ‘Brady Bunch’ Fumble Some local news outlets ran glowing pieces on Tom Brady’s newest venture while ignoring legitimate ethical questions about his trainer’s past.

Should the Media Seek A Second Opinion On ‘Anti-Vaxxers’? NPR has told its reporters to ditch the term ‘anti-vaxxer,’ raising questions about whether the company is truly restoring objectivity to the topic.

A Slow Clap For The New Music Of ‘Morning Edition’ A lot of NPR fans aren’t happy about the switch of the iconic morning jingle.

Howard Stern Gets The Nice Guy Makeover After Howard Stern was welcomed back with glowing profiles from some journalists, some wonder how genuine his turnaround really is.

On this week's edition of Beat The Press, Emily Rooney was joined by Adam Reilly of WGBH News, Lylah Alphonse of U.S. News & World Report, Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University, and Callie Crossley of WGBH News.