Splitting The Sox: A sports team that already has racism baggage takes heat for visiting the Trump White House — including the owner, who happens to also own the Boston Globe.

Is Trump Making A Power Grab? Under Trump’s norm-shattering presidency, the press is starting to ask whether Trump will respect the tradition of orderly transitions of power.

Road To Rehabilitation For Media Stars. After a number of journalists have been publicly accused of misdeeds ranging from sexual harassment to plagiarism to making up stories, some have wondered whether or when it’s appropriate for journalists and anchors to come back to the airwaves.

How Should The Media Handle Mass Shooters? With every shooting, the media finds itself in a dilemma, weighing the news value of the crisis against the contagion effect — the fact that coverage can just encourage copycats and glory seekers.

Rants & Raves: 05/10/19: The panel reviews this week in media.

On this week’s edition of Beat The Press, Emily Rooney was joined by former CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian, Joanna Weiss of Experience Magazine, Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University, and Callie Crossly of WGBH News.