U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling Doubles Down On Judge's Indictment
Speaking with Jim Braude, Lelling defended his indictment of Judge Shelley Joseph for allegedly helping an undocumented defendant evade ICE, as the issue of the agency operating in courtrooms elicits concern from some judges across the country. He said his actions were not an example of overreach because other state actors did not first refer her case to the Commission on Judicial Conduct. He also dismissed a lawsuit recently brought against ICE by the Suffolk and Middlesex district attorneys, and discussed some other high profile cases undertaken by his office: the college admissions scam and the Insys pharmaceutical CEO case.

Dr. Sandro Galea On How The U.S. Can Get ‘Well’
The United States spends twice as much on healthcare than other high-income nations, racking up nearly $10,000 per capita per year. And yet, despite all that money spent, this country also has a lower average life expectancy than 27 similarly developed countries. What are we getting wrong? The Dean of Boston University’s School of Public Health, Dr. Sandro Galea, says that we need to think about health in a much more holistic manner and address problems before they start on a wide scale. Jim Braude was joined by Dr. Galea to discuss his new book, ‘Well: What We Need to Talk About When We Talk About Health.’

Training At Harvard Med School – In The 9th Grade
Getting into Harvard Medical School requires a college degree, but the school is giving high school students a head start on careers in medicine and more. TIna Martin reports on how the university is working to develop young talent.

IMHO: Out-Foxed
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on Chris Wallace standing up for the truth at Fox News – yes, Fox News.