Kraft's Uncertain Future In The NFL
Robert Kraft has reportedly rejected a plea deal from Florida prosecutors that would have dropped all charges in the prostitution solicitation case against him, as long as he paid the requisite fines, performed community service, and admitted that a jury would have found him guilty if the case had gone to trial. As the case continues, Kraft faces another battle in Boston, as more than 80 people and organizations across the U.S. this week signed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell urging him to strip Kraft of his team ownership. The incident raises questions about the NFL’s past handling of cases of potential misconduct against women committed by the league’s owners or players, including high-profile accusations of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Jim Braude was joined by Natashia Tidwell, an attorney with Hogen Lovells who was a part of the legal team that investigated sexual assault allegations against the former Senate president’s husband, and Ben Volin, NFL writer for The Boston Globe.

Should Massachusetts Change Its State Flag?
At a town hall earlier this week, Elizabeth Warren said the state of Mississippi should change its flag to get rid of the Confederate symbols that summon a painful racial past. No one asked her about the Massachusetts state flag, but as Arun Rath reports, it is also facing increased scrutiny.

How To Travel Like A (Polite) Pro
Wednesday marked the official start of spring. With cheaper flights, discounted hotel rooms, and milder weather than the peak summer and winter months, the season is also one of the best times to travel. But as Boston Globe travel writer Christopher Muther recently explained in his column, many still haven’t grasped the basics of how to behave at the airport.

Jim Braude was joined by Christopher Muther to discuss his piece, ‘Avoid Gate Lice and Wear Your Headphones: The Do’s And Don’ts of Airport Etiquette.”

IMHO: A Sweet Early Death
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how people really, really need to kick their sugar habit.