The White House's Response To White Nationalism
After a gunman killed 50 people and injured another 50 in a terror attack at two New Zealand mosques last week, President Donald Trump has downplayed the threat of white supremacist groups. Many say this response echoes the president's "very fine people on both sides" remark after the 2017 attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, and that it stands in sharp contrast to his calling migrants from Central America an "invasion" threatening the United States.

Jim Braude was joined by Andrea Cabral, former public safety secretary and Suffolk County sheriff; and Nadeem Mazen, a former Cambridge city councilor.

Catching A Mass Shooter Beforehand
The reckoning after a gunman attacked two mosques in New Zealand, killing 50 people, rings familiar for many Americans, who have seen many school shooters' histories examined in the media in the search for a reason for their violence. Is there anything that can be done to intervene and stop a violent young person before they commit mass murder?

Jim Braude was joined by Nancy Rappaport, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and Andria Amador, senior director of behavioral health services for Boston Public Schools.

Dan Golden On How Jared Kushner Pre-Dated The College Admissions Scam
When the school admissions scam broke last week, renewed attention was given to a story that reporter Dan Golden first uncovered in 2006: The likely role that a large family donation played in getting Jared Kushner accepted into Harvard University. Golden first exposed the story, and other legal-yet-questionable ways that wealthy families secure school slots for their children in his book, "The Price Of Admission: How America’s Ruling Class Buys Its Way Into Elite Colleges – and Who Gets Left Outside The Gates."

Jim Braude was joined by Dan Golden.