The Legal Implications Of Cohen’s Testimony
All eyes were on Michael Cohen as he testified against his old boss before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, but with Cohen being a felon — convicted for, among other things, lying to Congress — the hearing quickly became a battle over his credibility. What does today really mean for President Donald Trump in the long run?

To discuss, Jim Braude was joined by Martha Coakley, former state attorney general, and former acting U.S. attorney William Weinreb.

Kim Jung Un And Donald Trump Meet In Hanoi
President Donald Trump has been meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un for their second summit in Vietnam, continuing the efforts he started almost a year ago to denuclearize North Korea. Ever the businessman, Trump is hoping to use the lure of prosperity as an incentive — a far cry from the days of threatening "fire and fury." So can Trump transform a former axis of evil member into a denuclearized epicenter of commerce?

James Walsh, one of the few Americans who has traveled to North Korea on nuclear talks, joined Jim Braude to discuss. Walsh is a senior research associate at MIT's Security Studies Program.

IMHO: A New Level Of Climate Deniers In The White House
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the Trump administration recently taking their denials in regard to the environment and climate change to a whole new level.