Today, retail giant Amazon announced it would be pulling out of a plan to build its new headquartersin New York City.

Joining Boston Public Radio to analyze how the deal fell apart was Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn. Koehn holds the James E. Robison Chair of business administration at Harvard Business School. Her latest book is "Forged in Crisis: The Power of Courageous Leadership in Turbulent Times."

"The resistance that Amazon encountered which began in a series of hearings over the last month was resistance from ... a lot of union leaders, because of Amazon's extraordinarily aggressive policies against unions," Koehn explained.

She said that resistance also came from local residents and local politicians, including state legislators, who worried about the impact of bringing such a large corporation to their city.

"They were worried about ... real estate prices, neighborhood effects, and homelessness," Koehn said.