Tonight Is Trump’s SOTU – Why Do We Still Do This?
President Donald Trump’s aides have promised a State Of The Union speech emphasizing cooperation, but reports indicate that Trump will use the address to once again call for a wall along the southern U.S.-Mexico border. This raises the question: If the American people already know the story the president will tell before he tells it, why even have the State Of The Union speech?

Jim Braude was joined by Wilnelia Rivera, chief strategist for Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s campaign; David King, senior lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School, and former state treasurer and Trump supporter Joe Malone.

A Crowded Field For First-In-The-Nation Primary Voters
For voters in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary, a crowded 2020 Democratic field means the process of picking a favorite starts now. Adam Reilly reports.

The Boston Trio Trying to ‘Draft Beto’ For 2020
On top of all the Democrats already running for president, there's a long list of maybe-candidates right behind. Among them is former Texas Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke. A Boston-based group is now behind a national effort to make him an official contender.

Jim Braude was joined by the founders of the ‘Draft Beto’ volunteer effort, political consultants Will Herberich, Lauren Pardi, and Adam Webster.

IMHO: Celebrating Another Win
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on today’s Superbowl Championship parade in Boston.