The chorus of voices calling for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's resignation has grown louder by the day since Friday’s revelation of a racist photo from the Democrat's medical school yearbook. Members of his own party, from Rep. Donald McEachin to former Gov. Terry McCaullife, agree he should resign.

Northam hasn’t helped himself by changing his narrative, from his initial apology to denying he was in the photo at all. Political observers have asked whether the incident will complicate matters for an increasingly diverse Democratic party looking to 2020, or further draw a distinction between how the two parties handle racism within their own ranks. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl prompted renewed conversations about the NFL and issues of race that have plagued the organization.

Jim Braude was joined by Michael Curry, former president of the Boston NAACP, now chair of the national NAACP Advocacy and Policy Committee; and Jennifer Braceras, Senior Fellow with the conservative organization Independent Women's Forum.