On The Road To 2020 Already
While some may think 2020 is too far away to worry about, New Hampshire has been tossing around the idea of a December primary election — just 11 months away. Over the weekend, another Democrat jumped into the race with both feet as Sen. Kamala Harris declared her candidacy. Her announcement brings the count of Democrats to eight who have either officially announced or formed exploratory committees, with potentially dozens of others waiting in the wings. So what does the future hold for this group of challengers, and for President Donald Trump, who recently angered his base by agreeing to temporarily end the government shutdown without funding for his border wall?

Jim Braude was joined by Jesse Mermell, former communications director for Gov. Deval Patrick; and former Republican candidate for Secretary of State Anthony Amore.

Back To Work — But For How Long?
Federal workers headed back to the office today with the promise of a paycheck — but with the possibility of another shutdown less than three weeks away. Stephanie Leydon has a look at what could be long-lasting impacts of the 35-day shutdown.

When You Lose Your House Over A Delinquent Water Bill
A new report from the New England Center from Investigative Reporting finds some cities and towns in Massachusetts are cashing in on homeowners who fall behind, auctioning off tax debts at inflated rates to private investors, who then have the power to re-possess the property — sometimes over something as little as a few hundred dollars from a delinquent water or electricity bill. While not all cities sell off debts like this, the ones that do — like Worcester, Pittsfield and Lowell — can take in thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars from these auctions.

Jim Braude was joined by NECIR reporter Christopher Burrell, along with Paul Meaney, a financial planner who almost lost property in Worcester after his tax debt was sold.

IMHO: Buying Biden
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why the main thing people should be worrying about with former Vice President Joe Biden isn’t his bipartisanship – it’s who is paying him to give speeches.