'Jail As A Last Resort': Rachael Rollins Defends Plan Not To Prosecute Certain Crimes
Rachael Rollins was sworn in yesterday as Boston's first-ever female District Attorney and the first woman of color to serve as District Attorney anywhere in the state. She didn't get there without ruffling a few feathers with her vision for reforming the office, including her calls for a list of misdemeanors that her office would decline to prosecute in the name of cutting the incarceration rate, combating economic and racial inequality, and focusing resources on more serious crimes. Her plan has received pushback from police groups, including the Boston Police Patrolman's Association and The National Police Association. But Rollins ran on those policies and won beating out four other Democrats and handily defeating her independent opponent in November. She joined Jim Braude to discuss her plans for the office.

Hair Stylists Train To Spot Domestic Violence
While some signs of domestic abuse, like marks of physical attacks stand out, others are less obvious. Tina Martin reports on a program that is teaching hair stylists — who often have long-lasting and trusting relationships with their customers — how to help a client in danger.

In 2019, Resolve To Travel More. This Travel Expert Tells You Where.
Boston Globe Travel Writer Christopher Muther spent his year on the water in Martinique, with wild horses in Chile, and taste-testing in a small-town bakery in Portugal. If you spent much of 2018 closer to home, now is the perfect time of year to make a resolution to get out more. His latest piece for the Globe on the top travel destinations for 2019 is here to help.

IMHO: Skin In The Shutdown Game
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on who is really getting hurt by Trump’s partial government shutdown in the name of a wall.