Warren and Romney Kick Off 2019 With A Bang While Diehl Weighs Political Future
As the partial government shutdown continues into 2019, many are already looking ahead to 2020 — including recently re-elected Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Warren's announcement Monday that she had formed a presidential exploratory committee makes her the first of a potential slew of Democrats considering challenging President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, another politician with Massachusetts ties is starting off the new year making headlines. Former Gov. Mitt Romney kicked off his tenure as the new Republican senator from Utah with a biting op-ed against the president’s moral character.

Jim Braude was joined by former Massachusetts co-chair of the Trump Presidential campaign Geoff Diehl, who ran for Senate against Warren in November, and Steve Kerrigan, former CEO of the Democratic National Convention and president of Obama's Inaugural Committee.

Northeastern's Controversy In Nahant
The North Shore town of Nahant has just one square mile of land — less than any other community in Massachusetts. As Adam Reilly reports, many who live in that small area are now speaking out in opposition to Northeastern University’s plan to expand into where Nahant's land meets the sea.

What Will #MeToo Bring For Kevin Spacey & Louis C.K.?
Kevin Spacey will be in Massachusetts next week to answer to charges of sexual assault after a man accused the actor of groping him when he was 18 years old at bar in Nantucket. On the same day those charges were announced, Spacey released a bizarre video on social media, speaking in the voice of his former "House of Cards" character, Frank Underwood.

Meanwhile, comedian Louis C.K — who was accused of sexual misconduct by five women and said their accounts were true — was caught on tape during a recent set skewering everyone from Parkland shooting survivors to transgender people to women.

Jim Braude was joined by his Boston Public Radio co-host and a Boston Globe columnist, Margery Eagan and Jen Deaderick, author of "She The People," an illustrated history of women's citizenship.

IMHO: They Think America Is On The Right Track?
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why even President Donald Trump’s dismal approval ratings show a depressing reality about the vision for America embraced by his backers.