Maura Healey On Fighting Trump’s Agenda In Court
Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, announced that asylum seekers at the southern border will have to remain in Mexico while their case is being processed. The move is the latest hardline Trump policy that aims to discourage entry into the country, even for those seeking escape from political or gang persecution. The change follows in the footsteps of the administration’s family separation policy, which Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey challenged in court earlier this year. That lawsuit is just one of dozens of lawsuits her office has filed against the White House since Trump took office. On Thursday, she filed another case challenging a new Trump proposal that could allow offshore oil and natural gas drilling off the Bay State coast. Healey joined host Jim Braude to discuss the suit.

Bitcoin: Coming Soon To An ATM Near You
Many of us rely on ATMs to get cash. Some ATMs are already offering access to another kind of currency: Bitcoin. If you’re feeling behind the ball, you’re not alone. Arun Rath reports on how Bitcoin is being used, and whether it’s about to replace those old-fashioned bills in your wallet.

Peter Wolf Reminisces On His Early Boston Days
He has performed all over the world, with artists from Aretha Franklin and Merle Haggard, to Mick Jagger and Van Morrison — but he always finds his way back to Massachusetts. Before he was the frontman for the J. Geils Band and became a chart-topping solo artist, Peter Wolf was Woofa Goofa — the "all night" DJ at Boston's legendary rock station, WBCN. He joined Jim in the studio, ahead of a special New Years Eve show at the Cabot theater in Beverly.

IMHO: Faux Fir
Jim shares his thoughts on why plastic trees are the biggest Christmas abomination of all.