Can President Trump Be Indicted?
On Thursday, President Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years behind bars for tax fraud and campaign finance violations. We also learned Thursday that prosecutors will not charge AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer, for the paper's role in silencing McDougal — because the company agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

But even if prosecutors agree Trump broke the law, can they do anything about it? It's against Department of Justice policy to indict a sitting president. However, that policy has never been tested in court, and now some lawmakers and legal scholars are arguing that it is unconstitutional to have a ban on charging a sitting president with a crime. Jim Braude was joined by Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe, who made such an argument this week in a Boston Globe op-ed, and who is also the author of "To End A Presidency: The Power of Impeachment."

Tara Westover On Leaving Her Survivalist, Conspiracy-Fueled Childhood Behind
Tara Westover was raised by Mormon survivalist parents, who taught her that doctors were heathens and that school would brainwash her mind. So instead, she worked in her father's junkyard in the mountains of Idaho, and was homeschooled by her mother, along with her six sisters and brothers. She was often on the wrong end of physical and emotional abuse along the way, and she was never allowed to seek medical help for any of it. When she decided to leave, she taught herself from an ACT prep-book, and scored so high she not only got into college, she got a scholarship. Eventually she earned her PhD in history from Cambridge University. She writes about it all in her new book, "Educated: A Memoir." Westover joined Jim to discuss her memoir.

A Musician On A Mission With ‘Code Listen’
In the midst of historic distrust that some communities have of police, based on patterns of profiling and mistreatment, a concert violinist is trying to bridge the gap. Stephanie Leydon reports on a local musician who is trying to increase communication and create common ground on the stage — with a big show ahead this weekend at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

IMHO: Capitol Hill Needs Tech Support
Jim shares his thoughts on why the lawmakers who oversee technology policy might want to first learn the basics of how things like Google and Facebook actually work.