George H.W. Bush’s Death & The GOP’s Future
Following the death of former President George H.W. Bush Friday evening, President Trump took a break from his track record of feuding with the famous political family to issue a statement of praise for his predecessor. However, many observers compared the differing leadership styles of the two heads of state. As we look back at the former president’s record, in what ways did he lay the groundwork for today’s Republican party, and in what ways is the party of Trump a complete break from the past? Jim Braude was joined by Weymouth Mayor Bob Hedlund, and two former chairs of the Massachusetts Republican party: Jim Rappaport and Jennifer Nassour.

President H.W. Bush’s New England Ties
Former President George H.W. Bush spent much of his life in Texas, but he also had strong New England ties. Born in Milton, Mass., he was raised in Greenwich, Conn., and educated at Phillips Academy Andover and Yale University. Then there's the compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, which his family has owned since the late 1800s. It's where he and his wife of 73 years, Barbara, who died a little over seven months ago, vacationed every summer. Jim Braude was joined by Kelly Anne Chase, co-author of "George and Barbara Bush: A Great American Love Story," a book about their seven decades of marriage, which she co-wrote with the couple’s granddaughter.

Debating Cars On The Northern Avenue Bridge
It’s an iconic Boston structure that’s fallen on hard times: the Northern Avenue Bridge, which links downtown to the Seaport. But as the city gets ready to rebuild it entirely, there’s great debate over whether the new iteration should be off-limits to cars all together. Adam Reilly reports.

IMHO: Bring Back The Draft
President Obama is supporting having women register for the military. But in Jim’s opinion, that’s not enough. He explains why he thinks we should have a real draft – for everyone.