Today on the show:

  • Jeb wasn’t the only Bush President Trump criticized. He said that George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq was “maybe the worst decision ever made by the United States,” and in July he mocked former President George H.W. Bush for using the phrase “a thousand points of light" to describe America’s promise and progress. We opened the lines to ask you: George W. Bush decided to put these family rivalries aside by inviting Trump to his father's funeral. It’s certainly an example of grace, but is it one you could follow?
  • Celebrated French chef Jacques Pepin and his son-in-law Rollie Wesen join us to celebrate 30 years of culinary arts.
  • Carol Rose, the executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, joins us to go over the latest headlines at the intersection of civil liberties and government policy.
  • Sports authority Trenni Kusnierek joins us for an update on the two men in a race across Antarctica.
  • Food writer and Atlantic editor Corby Kummer discusses the latest in culinary news.
  • Host of CNN’s Inside Politics John King breaks down the latest political headlines.
  • James Beard Award winning chef Dorie Greenspan talks about her new book, "Everyday Dorie: The Way I Cook," and what she'll be cooking this holiday season.