Congresswomen-elect Pressley and Trahan On The Work That Lies Ahead
Jeff Sessions is out as Attorney General, with his chief of staff, Matthew Whittaker, named as the interim replacement. That development is just part of a wild post-election news day, including a press conference in which Donald Trump declared the midterms to be a GOP victory, despite Democrats winning back control of the House. The President also declared himself a “great moral leader” before calling PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor “racist” for asking him about his embrace of the term “nationalist,” and accusing CNN’s Jim Acosta of being a “rude, terrible person” for asking him about the Russian investigation.

Jim Braude was joined by the newest members of the Massachusetts delegation, who are about to enter into that world full time: Congresswoman-elect Lori Trahan, a Democrat who will represent Massachusetts' 3rd district, and Congresswoman-elect Ayanna Pressley, a Democrat who won the state's 7th district, and who also happens to be the first woman of color to represent Massachusetts in Congress.

Blair Imani and ‘Modern HERstory’
The midterm elections brought many firsts last night. On top of the record number of women heading to Congress, including the first woman of color from Massachusetts, we saw the first openly gay man elected as governor, and both the first Muslim and first Native American women elected to Congress. Jim Braude was joined by activist and author Blair Imani, whose new book ‘Modern HERstory: Stories of Women and Nonbinary People Rewriting History’ profiles 70 different women, girls, and nonbinary people who come from underrepresented groups — and have helped change our world.

Are Aliens Coming To Earth?
With all the election talk, you may have missed a story out of Harvard this week, claiming that a mysterious cigar-shaped object seen flying through our solar system last year may have been an alien spacecraft looking at Earth. Yes, that’s the claim. The object, called Oumuamua, was spotted moving at speeds of 196,000 miles per hour, which is what led Harvard astronomers to their theory. Could that really be true?

Jim Braude was joined by Sky and Telescope's Kelly Beatty.

IMHO: Voter Turnout Is Up, But Not Nearly Enough
Jim Braude on the reforms that might increase voter turnout.