Less than a full day after the results of the midterm elections rolled in, President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, replacing him with an interim AG who has publicly expressed criticism about the special counsel investigation into Russia’s 2016 election interference.

In response, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is now pushing for legislation to be passed in the House and Senate to protect special counsel Robert Mueller and the ongoing investigation, which she says is now at risk of being shut down.

“Now that Donald Trump has done this, I think it’s critically important that the House and the Senate immediately pass legislation to protect the special prosecutor so that it’s perfectly clear: there will be no interference with his investigation,” Warren said in an interview with Boston Public Radio Thursday.

According to Warren, Trump is laying the groundwork to fire Mueller and bring the investigation to a close. “I think that’s what everyone reads this as,” she said. “It’s not as if Jeff Sessions wasn’t doing exactly what Donald Trump wanted on every other front, the one thing that Jeff Sessions had been doing was protecting the investigation of Mueller.”

With a freshly Democratic-majority House, Warren says she’s hopeful that the investigation will continue and that congress will play a role in protecting it.

“This Mueller investigation has already yielded more than two dozen indictments or guilty pleas, this is a serious investigation, and the American people are entitled to see this investigation through to its end,” Warren said. “That’s what this government owes to the American people.”