Harvard Lawsuit: A Referendum On Affirmative Action?
The lawsuit against Harvard in federal district court for its alleged discrimination in the admissions process is underway. In 2014, a group of Asian-American applicants sued the school, accusing administrators of setting quotas for the number of Asian students admitted each year. Harvard strongly denies using any such quota. And while this particular case is being brought on behalf of Asian-American applicants, many are looking at this as a referendum on affirmative action as a whole.

Jim Braude was joined by Gregory Davis, a doctoral student in African American studies at Harvard, who supports the university in the lawsuit; Swan Lee, a director at the Asian American Coalition for Education, who supports the Asian-American applicants suing Harvard; and Jeannie Suk Gersen, a professor at Harvard Law School and a contributing writer at the New Yorker magazine.

'Orange Is The New Black’s' Laverne Cox On Trans Rights And Ballot Question 3
President Trump confirmed Monday that his administration is “seriously considering” redefining the legal definition of gender by tying it to the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate. Meanwhile, Massachusetts voters will decide next week on a ballot question that would repeal a 2016 law that prohibits discrimination against transgender individuals in public accommodations. Jim Braude was joined by actress and activist Laverne Cox to discuss.

Leonard Bernstein At 100
This year marks the centennial of Leonard Bernstein — the homegrown composer who gave us fresh, American music, Broadway classics, and a hefty measure of personality. Arts Editor Jared Bowen reports.

IMHO: Frequent Flyer Representatives Need To Settle Down And Work
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on elected officials who spend valuable time taking lavish trips instead of doing the people’s work.